Goodbye to all that: How to know when it’s time to move

by Sophia Hembeck

It’s that time when you look outside your window and you question every decision you’ve ever made, and then ask yourself “Should I move to another city?” Here’s a helpful questionnaire to guide you to the right answer:

1. Are you looking to just change things up?

2. Did you get the idea because you saw a cool Instagram feed of someone living in Paris, Barcelona, London, New York that very remote place in Sweden, Scotland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal…?

3. Are you tired of your current job, life-situation, apartment, not having good friends?

4. Is this the first time in a long time that you feel that there’s a place where you truly belong?

5. Do you think there’s something missing even though everything else seems to be great?

6. Are you going through a breakup and really need to leave and start a new life, possibly dye your hair and do a full makeover? Maybe get a new nickname and pretend it’s been yours for years. I mean who will know right?

7. Are you suffering from crippling loneliness because you live in a shit city (you know which one I’m talking about!) and moving to that new or old place, making new friends or having your old ones who actually have time for you sounds like the thing that’s missing?

8. Are you going through a breakup and suffering from crippling loneliness and why are you still living in that terrible place?

9. Do you feel as if this move would bring you the joy and happiness you deserve?

10. Have you had this moment, when you were visiting the place you want to move to, when you were standing on a hill, in an alley, in a super cute café looking at it and be like: “This is the place I want to live someday!”

11. Have you actually not visited that place you actually want to move to but you feel very very strongly about it because of that Instagram feed and you know in your heart it would just fit?

If you read this questionnaire and hoped at the end of it I would tell you to go pack your bags, move to that place and live your perfect dream life I will tell you exactly to do that! Make that move. Because honestly why not? If you can’t think of any serious reason and by that I mean, whatever you feel is “serious”: Just do it. Try a couple of months first if you want to play it safe. Sublet your room/apartment at home. See where it takes you. Give yourself the chance to have the life you want to live.